Some Dangers of Theological Study

Theological studyI applied myself more than usual, and had an article posted at IX Marks challenging pastors who have a low evaluation of theological study and highlighting the importance of systematic theology for Bible teaching and local church ministry. In this post I want to briefly touch on some dangers inherent to theological study, both at college and in local church. My reason for doing this is balance: I may not undervalue theology, but could find  […]

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Enslaved to our Freedom

Red Light DistrictThe 2010 world cup was around the corner, human trafficking was in the spotlight and the streets of Muizenberg were well acquainted with women plying their trade. The relevance of the question “Should prostitution be legalised?” was thrust upon us. It is easy as a Christian to quickly affirm that prostitution should be illegal on the basis of its immorality and then be finished with the discussion. Do you really believe that though?

Would it  […]

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Four Congregational Christmas Songs

Christmas MusicI love the classic Christmas carols. I love walking through a shopping center and, through the glittering ribbons and bells and commercialised chaos, faintly hearing “veiled in flesh the Godhead see, hail incarnate deity”. I love the rousing descant at the words in the final chorus “Gloria, in excelsis deo” (i.e. “Glory to God in the highest”).

That said, I hope the incarnation will never cease to inspire the best songwriters of the generation to  […]

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Authenticity in Strange Places

Upper Room DiscourseI recently moved office and in the process uncovered my copy A. N. Wilson’s Paul: The Mind of the Apostle. In this imaginative biography, replete with dogmatic scepticism, Wilson plies the tired view that without Paul’s theology, or more specifically his Christology, Jesus was little more than a ‘moderately pale Galilean.’ That is just one incarnation of historical incredulity towards the four Gospel accounts. Popularly it is presented, most often ignorantly, like this: “The Gospels  […]

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Christian Responsibility in the Public Sphere

Dietrich BonhoefferSome time ago I posted on whether Christians should care about politics. The answer I came to was, yes – we should care about the public sphere. The question of what we should do though, was left hanging. I’ve stolen my answer to this question from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was a pastor before and during WW2, he lived in Germany during the rise of Nazism and he fought it’s influence over the church. He’s  […]

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Doodle: "No One is Told Any Story but Their Own"

The Horse and His BoyI concluded my previous post on Narnia by briefly touching on Aslan’s refusal to tell people any story but their own. The characters in The Horse and His Boy need to learn this important truth: Aslan is at the back of all stories (p302), yet he will only tell people their story and not someone else’s. Only Aslan can reveal to us what we really are – both glorious and tragically fallen creatures – but  […]

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