Reformed Praise

I’ve just discovered a new website – perhaps others are more familiar with it… I find that often my love for reformed theology is at a loss when it comes to music because there are very few artists who produce consistently good songs (both musically and lyrically). Sovereign Grace Music is one notable exception as I have enjoyed much of their music.

Anyway, is the site I am talking about. Their featured song is “The Gospel of Grace” – really cool!

James Cuénod
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Inching my way towards teaching pastors in South Africa. Student at Wheaton College. Excited by Hermeneutics, Old Testament and Biblical Theology.
  • Pierre Queripel

    Thanks for this site.

    Worth a listen: Ken Meyers on the possibility of musical meaning

    I’m all for certain modern hymns and for certain traditional hymns, but generally not in favour of modernised traditional hymns, for reasons that Meyers explains well, I think (not that the lectures are limited to this subject).