Is it OK for me to give you my semen?

Disordered match sticksThis is the question I’m left sitting with while I drink my tea and avoid working.

Spending some of my time around GWC’s campus lets me sit in on some pretty interesting conversations. Today I got to listen to two students arguing about artificial insemination.

One of them was arguing it was a no go (we’ll call him NoGo), the other was incensed that he would even think to suggest such a thing (we’ll call him YesPlease). Like typical students, they often got sucked down a rabbit hole by the rhetorical attraction of some side-issue. And eventually, they ended up going in circles.

After some time, it became clear to me that the essential disagreement between them was the link between the semen-egg fusion and the sex act.

  • NoGo said that the semen produced in a husband-wife sex-act was a holy product of that sex act.
    Thus, if given to another couple, it would constitute sharing their sex-act with another – which we would call adultery.

    • The closest NoGo came to establishing a link is by suggesting that God’s declaration that a husband and wife shall be one flesh is linked to his command that they should procreate
  • What pretty city lightsYesPlease said that he could find no biblical justification for linking the two. Thus,  haring the semen after a sex-act would be the same as sharing the sweat from the bodies of the two people involved – kinda gross, but we wouldn’t call it adultery.
    • YesPlease maintained that the burden of proof falls on NoGo and so he didn’t put forward an argument about why there could be no link between the two.

Is there a sustainable link between a sex-act and the semen produced by and through that sex-act?

Now obviously this is a complex issue, so please don’t go down any of a number of rabbit holes.

Kyle Groger
Kyle studied theology and met his wife at George White College in Cape Town. Since graduating, he has gained experience in marketing, strategic planning, operations, and human resources. Most recently, he's become a dad.